Looking Up

Living in Indiana is not very conducive to “looking up to the mountains,” as this verse suggests, but it’s what’s beyond the hills that gets to me and draws me closer to my God. Looking at the sky and knowing God put it there to protect me from dangerous things outside my atmosphere, provide the sunshine and rain to grow my food and meet my physical needs, and inspire me to think about Heaven and what it might be like to sit and talk with Jesus there, fills me with a contentment beyond degree.
We recently housed two great young men from the Grundy Mountain Mission school, who live in a valley surrounded by mountains. One of them asked if he could get up early and watch the sunrise. He said he never gets to see a sunrise or a sunset with the mountains always in the way. Though I might complain about the ground always being flat where I live, he reminded me that we see some amazing sunrises and sunsets here.
So whether you live on flat ground like me, just hilly, or mountainous like the students at Grundy, Virginia, remember to look up to the sky and know that God is in all of these places waiting for us to show up and praise Him for it.

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