Why did you become an author?

I have wanted to write stories since I was young. When I went to college, I read amazing stories for children as part of my teaching degree. I continued to read children's books all during the almost 30 years that I taught elementary school. I hoped that one day I could write stories like the ones I had read, stories that would inspire my readers like other authors had inspired me.


What is your favorite genre to read and write?

I love middle Grade books. I taught 5th and 6th graders and read all of the books they read and loved. That is why my first novel, Call Me Lizzy, was written for middle graders.  But now that I have grandchildren, I have fallen in love with picture books all over again. Henry Listens Harder is my first picture book and I have many more of those that cannot been finished until I find a good illustrator.


Are you like any of your characters?

Yes, there is a little bit of my personality in Call Me Lizzy, but sometimes it is Lizzy, and sometimes it is Shelby. Since I am a grownup, sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Puckett show a little of my personality too.

In Room 101, you will learn some of the wonderful things that teachers and staff do in their classrooms. It is a very real representation because I was an elementary teacher for 29 years. So I could have been any of the teachers in this book.


What’s your return policy?

I hope that if you get a book from me personally, there will be no problems created by the USPS, but that is always a possibility. If one of my books comes to you damaged, let me know within 30 days of the shipping date. I will send you a new book and I will pay return shipping. If you purchased one of my books from Amazon.com or Lulu.com, those two online stores will take care of their own shipping problems and returns. Check with them personally if your book comes to you damaged.

Will you need a microphone when you speak?

If your meeting is in a small room, I may not need a microphone, but if you meet in a restaurant or hotel conference room, I will need to have one. In the school setting, I will not need a microphone in a  single classroom, but I may need one if  we are meeting in the gym or a staging area.

Do you need a projector and screen when you do a school visit?

Yes, it is very helpful to have a projector connected to the teacher computer, and a screen or whiteboard available in the classroom where I am teaching. I like to use a PowerPoint presentation while I am talking. If I meet in a large area for a convocation type group meeting, I would appreciate having a projector/computor and screen there too.