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Hello! I am an author who specializes in books that encourage and inspire readers. My books are wholesome and age appropriate for children, middle grade readers, and adults. Parents can purchase a children's book from me and not worry that it will have inappropriate language or themes. They can buy one of my books for adults and know that they will be encouraged by reading it.

I taught Elementary students for 29 years. During that time, I was chosen to be a fellow with Ball State University's Indiana Writing Project where the beginnings of my novel for middle grades was started. That novel, Call Me Lizzy, was my first published work.

I love to meet other authors and share my experiences in this business. I also like to tell about my books and share the motivation that drives me to write. My love for Jesus is woven into the fabric of my books.

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My Newest Book is Out: Antidote for Anxiety!

I had always been a little anxious every now and then, but when my boys were very young something happened that filled my heart with fear.  I had a panic attack! I was afraid and I didn't know what was making me afraid. It was pure terror coursing through my body. My husband came home to find me curled up in a fetal position unable to tell him what was terrifying me.

I got some good counseling and had a trip to my doctor to get my nervous system calmed down, but I continued to suffer with my symptoms for five years. I never knew when it might hit and I certainly didn't know how to get an attack stopped.

I got into God's Word and copied down every verse that helped me calm down.  I carried those tattered sheets of paper around with me everywhere I went and read them whenever I got a break at work or at home.

I learned some other techniques that kept my mind off of my panic and on my God and His goodness. One day, I started worrying about something and in dwelling on those thoughts I actually made myself have a panic attack.

I thought, "If I can get one started by my own bad self-talk, I can get one to stop with God's help." And help me He did. Over a period of time, He showed me the steps to stop an anxiety or panic attack and with practice using my formula, they stopped controlling my thoughts and life.

I have talked to many people about my plan called S.T.O.P., and even made a recording about it back when there were cassette tapes. But now I decided to put my plan in a book so that I could help more people pull the plug on panic in their lives.

There are millions of people suffering with anxiety and panic that is keeping them from the life they want. Maybe you are one of them. This book will only help you if you are willing to involve God in the process. He is the true healer of my emotions, and He can help you too.


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My newest middle grade novel is ROOM 101!


I have been working on this middle grade novel for 2 years and am happy to announce it is now on Amazon and Kindle books!

ROOM 101 is a story about David Anderson, and Asian American boy who has led a perfect life until his 6th grade year. With his dad out of work, David has to leave Good Shepherd Elementary and go to Milltown public school. He is terrified to go to Milltown because he fears he will be bullied. David looks and acts differently from everyone else in his new school. So do the kids in Room 101. When David is asked to help Keven Meyers, a boy with disabilities, participate in the school Spelling Bee, he has to look beyond his own desire to win and trust that God will help him make a difference in the lives of the kids in Room 101. With encouragement from his parents, David tackles an even harder challenge; to change the heart of a bully.

ROOM 101 is on Amazon in paperback and Kindle forms.

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Call Me Lizzy

In 1966, ten year old Lizzy is living a double life. During summer and Christmas vacations, she is under the care of her father’s parents in Indiana. They take her to the American Legion Post to socialize with their older friends. During the school months, she lives in Tennessee with her mother’s parents who are very religious. Lizzy has never been to church, much less one like her grandparents where women wear long dresses, black stockings, and lace-up shoes. In Tennessee, she wears her hair long. In Indiana, she gets it cut. In Tennessee, she has many relatives. In Indiana, she’s an only child. In both places, she’s reminded of how much she misses her parents who have left her to pursue their own interests.  With God's help, Lizzy learns to cope with these changes and thrive in both environments.


Call Me Lizzy is my first middle grade novel meant to inspire readers in Grades 5 and up. "God answers prayer" is one of the themes running through this book.

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Henry Listens Harder

When Henry complains to his mother that he is afraid of noises in the house at night, she tells him to "listen harder." Then he will realize that the noises he hears at night are the same noises he hears in the daylight. Henry listens harder to find out what is making the nighttime noises in his house. He also uses his simple faith in a Heavenly Father to trust that he will be safe through the night under God's care.


My first picture book for children, Henry Listens Harder, is written in the form of a lyric poem complete with color photography. It is designed to help children overcome their fear of noises in the nighttime.

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Sober by the Grace of God

Don Wenning's first drink of whisky turned into his first drunk. He liked how he felt when he was drunk and he spent the next twenty years of his life as an active alcoholic much to the dismay of his parents, siblings, wife, and children. His wife, Theresa, didn't want to divorce him. She just wanted him to love her and their 13 children more than he loved the bottle. When Don "hit the bottom" he finally saw himself for who he was; a sinner with no hope without God's intervention and forgiveness. With the help of a twelve-step program, and a new found faith in their Heavenly Father, Don and Theresa stayed married, stayed sober, and helped countless alcoholics do the same. This is their "story" as told to the author and to hundreds of AA and Al-Anon members across this nation.


Sober by the Grace of God is the biography of my parents, Don and Theresa Wenning, both of whom have gone to their heavenly home. Before they died, I interviewed them to make sure the events that led up to my Dad's sobriety, and how he and mom showed alcoholics that they could live changed lives with God's help, were accurate. This book is suitable for Young Adult and Adult readers.

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